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Self-Guided Scavenger Trails on the Surf Coast

Choose a trail, solve the clues & feed your sense of adventure!


Welcome to Scavenger Trail

Start Exploring!

Are you ready for a real-life adventure? Use your skills to solve clues as you follow self-guided scavenger trails in Anglesea, Torquay and Lorne. Discover scenic places, learn about the local area and enjoy fun facts
along the way. People of all ages can enjoy the trails. All you need is your phone and a sense of adventure!


Who's It For?


Suitable for anyone with a sense of adventure and people of all ages! It's time to crack the clues, so get out there and explore.

Start Exploring in 3 Steps

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1 Choose a Trail


Find & purchase a trail that's nearby.  

2 Get Ready


Go to the starting point.

3 Start Exploring


Start the trail & follow the clues!

So How Does It Work?

Start Exploring!

A series of trails have been created that take you on a journey. Once you've purchased a trail, you'll receive an email with a link to access the Scavenger Trail. There's no app needed, simply go to the starting point with your phone & login to access the trail. Each trail has a series of clues that will take you from one point to the next.

  • Answer clues based on your surroundings, so pay attention!

  • Handy hints help you along the way.

  • There's a countdown timer for each clue, so ensure you think quick!

  • Enjoy moments to upload selfies.

  • Progress maps keep you on track.

  • Score points as you go!

So, what are you waiting for? Get moving and have fun!


Choose a Town on the Surf Coast

Anglesea Trails


The Anglesea trails will have you wandering to the cliff-tops, by the river, across bridges, boardwalks and more.  

Torquay Trails

Torquay Scavenger Trail.jpg

Exlore the Torquay waterfront by the main beach, Spring Creek, the 'old' town, view points, parklands and more.

Lorne Trails


Discover the Lorne waterfront, Erskine River, the main shopping strip, view points, coastal trails and more.

Questions? Get in Touch

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